Sunday, March 7, 2010


There hasn't been much new in the guide dog world for us, so I have not been staying on top of our blog! We always have a million things going on with dogs, but not really the guide dogs!!

Doug is off on a 3 week puppysit as Bethany just got her new pet puppy, Moxie, an 8 week old yellow lab who is the sister to my dog, Sidney! I have also been fostering three-5 week old lab mix puppies so we have had our hands full of puppies!!


Doug is a wonderful puppy-we are enjoying him very much and hope he will continue to progress until he returns for recall. Thursday I will be getting Marina for a 9 day puppy-sit! I am very excited to see her & see how she is doing!!

Some of our friends picked up Hominy, FYL, yesterday-she is a Meredith puppy-Meredith is Claudi's half sister (a Simon puppy) so we are excited to meet her as we love all of our Simon related pups!

This is our last remaining foster boy...such a cutie!! :-)