Monday, August 18, 2008

Natara's 3 months old

Well, Natara has been here what 3 weeks? And yet she still is not potty trained!! A year from now we will laugh at this right!?

Tara LOVES her big sisters and spends most of her time going to work with Bethany..She is SUPER cute, but the least photogenic puppy we have ever had-thus, the lack of photos lately!

We wanted a more active puppy than Ogden and boy did we get one--this girl NEVER stops! She isn't wild or naughty, she just never stops moving, pacing, walking around,throwing the toy around, chewing on her sister, darting for the water bowl, ETC! She is just always ready for action and looking for trouble:)

One thing she is GREAT at is walking on a leash-she came knowing how to do one thing and that's walk on lead :)

More soon :)