Monday, December 22, 2008

Claudine LOVES Snow!!

Who knew!? Our CC little princess who has to be pushed out the door when it's raining and lifts up her paws like it might kill her to walk in a puddle...LOVES the snow!!

Claudi and her BFF, pet dog Sidney, got up early with me every day for the past week to go outside and see what the night had brought us! As of today-we have a total of 10 inches of snow plus some ice and still snowing!
That's all for today..Natara is *trying* her best to be a good girl while we are all STUCK in the house!! 3 people and 6 dogs for a week is getting old! I will leave you with Claudi's pretty snow face...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

What Natara has been up to...


Natara has been a busy girl lately! She is almost 7 months old now! Bethany and Natara have been going a ton of places and little miss Natara has become a great little public!!

She is still testing her raisers patience with her crazy zipping through the house and endless amounts of harassing the pet dogs, but she is doing so well in her "job"!!

Today, Natara got to experience her first SNOW DAY!! She looked soo pretty playing in the white fluffy stuff with her sisters..

Tomorrow she is supposed to go to her 1st Christmas party with her brother Niguel, but...the snow may keep us locked in the house!! With 7 dogs--Natara is in heaven! :)

Claudi's sister Cessna is in phase 8 and her brother Chaz just returned for training so we are looking forward to watching them progress! Although, we are happy to have our Claudi and not be worrying about watching her on the phase reports..:)