Monday, December 22, 2008

Claudine LOVES Snow!!

Who knew!? Our CC little princess who has to be pushed out the door when it's raining and lifts up her paws like it might kill her to walk in a puddle...LOVES the snow!!

Claudi and her BFF, pet dog Sidney, got up early with me every day for the past week to go outside and see what the night had brought us! As of today-we have a total of 10 inches of snow plus some ice and still snowing!
That's all for today..Natara is *trying* her best to be a good girl while we are all STUCK in the house!! 3 people and 6 dogs for a week is getting old! I will leave you with Claudi's pretty snow face...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

What Natara has been up to...


Natara has been a busy girl lately! She is almost 7 months old now! Bethany and Natara have been going a ton of places and little miss Natara has become a great little public!!

She is still testing her raisers patience with her crazy zipping through the house and endless amounts of harassing the pet dogs, but she is doing so well in her "job"!!

Today, Natara got to experience her first SNOW DAY!! She looked soo pretty playing in the white fluffy stuff with her sisters..

Tomorrow she is supposed to go to her 1st Christmas party with her brother Niguel, but...the snow may keep us locked in the house!! With 7 dogs--Natara is in heaven! :)

Claudi's sister Cessna is in phase 8 and her brother Chaz just returned for training so we are looking forward to watching them progress! Although, we are happy to have our Claudi and not be worrying about watching her on the phase reports..:)

Sunday, November 9, 2008


A few weeks ago we puppysat another Simon puppy, Meredith...

Claudi (Simon/Alanis), Natara (Simon/Holly), and Meredith (Simon/Cagney)
Tara, Meredith and Claudi after a game of Tug!
Tara Sleeps!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

We love our Simon puppies....when they are all grown up!

I know, I don't update this very often..I've been waiting to say something really interesting or exciting!:) But, now that a few of you have pointed out my lack of news I decided to write a bit..Natara is finally--I repeat--finally growing on me a bit:) She is learning to stand/lie in one spot for longer than one minute at a time and is TRYING at times to listen..We call it the "Simon stubborness"..all the girls have had it, they have just all had it to varying degrees and well, she has taken it to a new height! She has her mommy's adorable face and really does well on outings so she has potential..She is just a high energy pup with a strong will! Her health issues seem to be getting better so we hope that we will be able to concentrate on her behavior now and turn her in to the "perfect" girl her sisters all are:):)

Claudine was at the emergency vet yesterday with an allergic reaction to lord only knows what-she is our "special" girl that is forsure..Her entire face likes to swell up like a little chipmunk now and then only responding to steroid injections...Yes, she was meant to be our Career Change :)

Bethany called to check on our guide, EMMY yesterday--they just had their first year check up and are doing great! Apparently my girl is TEN POUNDS overweight but otherwise fine! I can't believe he let my baby girl get fat, but I am happy to say that he loves and adores her almost as much as me..

Baby Emmy

We got Simon's breeder photos the other day and Bethany has been trying to get Claudi to pose like her daddy...I'll leave you with that!:)
Daddy SimonDaughter Claudi

Monday, September 8, 2008

Is she all grown up yet??

Natara is almost 4 months old now and most days we wish she would hurry up and "grow up"!! She is an extremely energetic puppy!! Yesterday we caught her actually sleeping on her tie down more than one time and we think she might be sick--no joke!
She is so cute and so sweet, she just never seems to be able to relax! She is in constant motion--how great for someone who loves to be on the go all the time!!

She weighs 29 pounds and is doing really well on outings, just keeping us all on our toes in the house.

On another note...Claudi got her Canine Good Citizen last week and is proving to be the greatest CC ever :) We couldn't love her any more and she makes us laugh every day..She is the quirkiest dog and we are waiting to see if her sister, Chenille, makes it as a breeder.

(Claudi and pet dog Sidney are BFF's)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Natara's 3 months old

Well, Natara has been here what 3 weeks? And yet she still is not potty trained!! A year from now we will laugh at this right!?

Tara LOVES her big sisters and spends most of her time going to work with Bethany..She is SUPER cute, but the least photogenic puppy we have ever had-thus, the lack of photos lately!

We wanted a more active puppy than Ogden and boy did we get one--this girl NEVER stops! She isn't wild or naughty, she just never stops moving, pacing, walking around,throwing the toy around, chewing on her sister, darting for the water bowl, ETC! She is just always ready for action and looking for trouble:)

One thing she is GREAT at is walking on a leash-she came knowing how to do one thing and that's walk on lead :)

More soon :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Claudi's life as a CC

I know, this blog is mostly to track Natara's life with us, but she is away with Stef and Bethany for a few days and so I thought I would write about miss Claudi..
(The house feels empty with only 4 dogs and 1 person!)

She was CCed last week for some health issues (we saw this coming for some time) and boy is she living the life!

Yesterday we went to my work (dog daycare) and played all day long with dog friends and then her "boyfriend", Owen came home to stay with us for a week...

Today-back to daycare for a 6 hour play date with many many boyfriends-including MYL CC Riley (Astro/Daria)..

Tonight...a visit from my parents (oh you should see the whole body wiggles and hear the sounds!!) and then some playtime with before mentioned boyfriend Owen and 8 month old lab sister Sidney!

Then bedtime on my bed--with her head on the pillow and all...It's rough to be a newly CCed girl--with 10 new PINK collars, but it suits Claudi very well!!
Claudi says it is time for her dinner!:)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Natara's First Day Photos

Natara's First Day with us--July 26, 2008...
May 15, 2008

The Perfect Little Emmy/Claudi Face! She looks like Emmy from the front and Claudi from the side! Holly and Simon must be in their too:)

Playing with her Pet sister, Sidney, already...She had no fear of our 3 other dogs-she walked into the house like she owned it!

I think she is going to fit in...and she even slept for 6 hours last night :)

Ogden Photos

Ogden went to his new raiser home today...Stef and Bethany were very sad, but it sounds like he will do very well with them...We can't wait to see him at Fun Day!! He is going to be such a cute dog!!

March 24, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Photos of Claudine

April 23, 2007

Claudine with Ogden....half siblings..

Christmas 07..our supermodel:)

Claudi's first trip to the beach

Pumpkin Patch 07

Picking up Claudi at the airport..

Photos Of Emmy

February 8, 2006

Typical Emmy

Our Graduate got so big!!

We didn't want to say goodbye...

Emmy's best friend Lilah.

Emmy's first meeting.

Photos of Simon..

February 13, 2004

Around 5 months old.. Before his head got soo big!!

Simon showing off his Harness before he left for San Rafael!

Baby Face Simon!

The Last time we saw him at his Graduation as a Breeder!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Guide Dogs For The Blind "Simon" Girls

What the heck-we are just about to start on our 4th Simon puppy-3rd Simon girl-so why not start blogging about it?

Bethany raised Simon-aka "Mr Perfect"..

Then being her roommate, I decided to join in on Simon's first liter and helped raise THE most perfect PRINCESS and Guide Dog ever my Emmy "monkey"..

After Emmy we raised Claudine-who just got CCed for health issues and now lives with us and her 2 pet dog sisters.
Then came Mr Ogden whom we convinced our 3rd roommate to join in on and we quickly discovered he was just too laid back to really fit into our all female household..

We are now getting ready to welcome Simon puppy # 4 "Natara"..