Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tandy is growing up...

Little Miss Tandy, or Tandy Andy as she goes by, is doing well. She had a rough start to potty training but is on the right track now.

Tandy is going on small outings and getting taller but not bigger. Her sister Tarragon is in our club and she was a whole 2 pounds bigger than Tarragon at 16 weeks.

Claudi is not so sure about another baby puppy but she sure likes her stuffed puppy who we call Patrick:)

And for some Simon puppy news, his latest litter with Crumpet (featured on the Guide Dogs blog) went out to homes in May.

His daughter (and Claudi's sister) Chenille had an M litter and a F YLAB and M YLAB are coming to our club!!!

Natara Update

Natara left for her home almost two months ago now and is doing well. She is a spoiled girl now and loves playing with the family's Cocker Spaniel. They have a very cute game where he sits on the dog bed with a toy and she grabs the other side of it and gives him a ride around the hous
(they have wood floors). It's very entertaining and is so typical of Natara!

Here are a couple of pictures of her last day with us:

And here she is playing at doggie daycare! Oh the life of a career change. The second picture is of her and Claudi.

Visiting Ogden!

This is Ogden, the only Simon boy puppy we have raised. He arrived last May and was a starter puppy. We had him from May to July.

We keep in touch with his wonderful new family and recently Bethany was able to visit him.

Here he is all grown up at 14 months with Bethany. He certainly remembered her on first sight and got VERY excited. It was SO cute!

Here he is chewing on the toy Stef sent for him, a Goughnut.

And here he is being a good boy.

He has grown up so much from when he was last with us.