Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fun Day

Fun Day was a long, long day!! Was really great to spend the day with Tabetha and say goodbye to her and Zuni..Tabetha's off to California tonight for breeder evals..Zuni went in for training today..

We got to see Lowe dog's 2 brothers and a few other Simon pups as well as Vino, Jethro and Vona:)

We still have some cute t-shirts and oval stickers for sale if anyone is interested-email

The T-shirts are grey or white and say "In the heart of every guide dog beats the heart of a puppyraiser"..

The oval stickers say "I love my guide dog puppy", "I love my career change guide dog puppy" and "Guide Dog puppy raiser"...I will post photos tomorrow...

T-shirts are $15 and stickers are $5!