Monday, August 31, 2009

Puppy News...

So the puppy will be from the Parkay/Bingham litter and his name will start with a "D"!...His sister little miss black lab will also be joining our club in just 11 days!!

We were kind-of hopeful that we would get a puppy from the Alanis or Kentucky litter so that we could have a half sibling to Claudi or Marina, but atleast the puppy will be related to Dinah :-)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Male Yellow Lab..

So I decided to get a MALE yellow lab next a starter pup..See, I was fostering this ADORABLE chocolate boy puppy last week & decided I wanted to try a boy starter :-) Bethany had Ogden who is in Phase 8 right now, but he didn't have a big enough personality to fit in with our all girl household so we will see how the next MYL does..
Now, if only we could get litter details!!! I have some picked out that I would really like him to be from, but for now we WAIT...I am so impatient! We also have a 1st time raiser in our club getting a puppy and she can barely stand the waiting!

For now, I'll leave you with a photo of my foster pup who went to his new home today!!..Tandy will be happy that she can come home now :-)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fun Day..

We had quite the group at Fun Day yesterday..We took Dinah, Tandy, CC Claudine & met up with the girls in our club Jill & Ali who are raising my "Mini-Emmy", Marina!

We also have 1 pup IFT (Ogden), and many, many Simon pups we wanted to get a glimpse of so we had many things to keep us busy..It was very cool to be able to take Claudi with us to Fun Day..She was on her best behaviour as a CC dog and wore her red bandanna proudly (although it really didn't match her PINK hawaiian collar I got her!).

I was really excited to meet Marina's siblings & Bethany wanted to see Tandy's so we did that (see photos of course!)..We also gave Dinah to her new raisers..They have raised 1 puppy before, but are new to our NEW club & have not raised in a few years so are very excited to be getting Dinah..I hope they like her-she seems like a very nice puppy.


All of our dogs were very, very good for the long, busy, day! The day ended with us seeing Emmy's half brother (atrus's) puppies being delivered on stage. I was extremely jealous of the people who got Marley--not for his name--but he is related to EMMY--AND DARK in color--that for those of you that know me is what I wait for in every puppy we get! I am waiting for my dark red GDB pup. I have my dark red pet dog, now I want a dark GDB dog!!*sigh*...Notice in the photos..Tandy is the lightest in her littermate photos....:-)

On our way out Tandy & Claudi posed on the Puppy Truck that neither of them have even been on! All of our pups have either flown or driven in the past 5 years so we thought we might as well pretend to have a "puppy truck" photo! :-)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Housefull of Puppies!

When is our house not busy? This week was no exception! Tandy has been gone camping with a puppy raiser from our old club..Dinah went on 2 puppysits...we had Marina for a few nights..Claudi got invited to come to Fun Day as a Career Change Ambassador Dog & I have requested a September starter puppy!...

Tandy will be back home on Friday..Dinah will be going to her new raisers on Saturday. We had hoped to have her for longer, but the new raisers in our club are really looking forward to having a puppy, so..Luckily, we will still get to see her alot.

Marina (Claudi's niece) is turning into a mini EMMY (my PERFECT dog!)..She has the cutest wiggle & is just the best little dog! She follows me all around the house with her toys & just reminds me so much of Em..I wish every puppy could have Marina's personality..I have a feeling Marina is going to be an amazing Guide. I can't wait to meet her siblings this weekend at Fun Day!

Claudi giving her best pouting face!

Since Dinah will be leaving soon we have put our application in for a September starter pup..the only requirement is that it be a female! Other than that..we will see what happens! I am hopeful for sooner than later as well..Sidney & Claudi are probably hoping for NEVER!!:)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dinah & Marina for the weekend..

I have to say I have finally found TWO GDB pups I totally adore!! And....neither of them are mine to keep!! Dinah will be transferred to a family in our new club ( & Marina is being raised by 2 college girls in our club who also adore her!!

Dinah is 3 months old & Marina is almost 4 months and they are just the sweetest, greatest pups! They both have superb house manners, play wonderfully with the other dogs, love people etc..Oh and the wiggle on Marina--the cutest thing ever!!!

Last night we let them play in the kiddie pool with my pet dog, Sidney. Sid was not so impressed that they were invading HER pool, but the photo op was just too much to pass up! Check out the 3 colors--so cute!!!