Monday, November 23, 2009

5 Days to Graduation (by Bethany)

It is getting so close! Ogden will be going to live with a woman in Indiana. We are working on his picture book and can't wait to see him again!

Meanwhile, our boy Doug is getting huge and Marina is adjusting to our household. Tandy has been going to middle school (she is a math student) for a few weeks now and is doing great.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!! Here is a picture of Doug. He has had some diarrhea issue so he has been hanging in the ex-pen some:(

Friday, November 20, 2009

News from Emmy Girl..

We got a phone call from Emmy last night!! Well, from Tim, Emmy's person! It is always very exciting to hear from them & know that she is so loved. They recently had their 2 year visit from Guide Dogs and it went well-they will have been together 2 years in December. I'm pretty sure it was just yesterday though..

It sounds like Emmy encounters alot of random dogs where they live and has gotten pretty protective of Tim, which I have a hard time visualizing, but I just want them to be safe! She is still working well and Tim sounded good.
Tim mentioned to Bethany that he plans to keep his promise and return Emmy to us when she can no longer guide..While this is what I have been waiting for every single day since she was recalled 2.5 years ago, if the day comes I will be heartbroken for Tim & Emmy to be apart..We will just hope for that time to be many years from now..

I miss my little monkey,but it makes me feel better to know how much Tim loves her..Take care of our girl if you are reading Tim!!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ogden is In Class!!!

So we finally got the call, Ogden is in class! He has been in training since June and in Phase 10 for 8 weeks now. But so have a lot of other dogs out there so we were not sure when a match would be found....

Last time we saw Ogden he was still all legs so I am curious if he will have filled out into his tall body and big head. However, as much as I wanted him to, he does not look much like his dad, Simon, who we raised. He has the height and the big head but not much other than that.

We only started Ogden so we only had him his first 2+ months and then he was transferred to a raiser family who needed an easy to handle puppy because the husband is in a wheelchair. Ogden was that and when he was not at home with the husband he went to work in a hospital office. I had the pleasure of keeping in touch with his new raiser family, getting occasional pictures, and getting to see Ogden at a Leaders Day when their leader kindly brought him up for me to see. That really helped put closure on his raising time as did getting to see him get off the puppy truck at the Boring campus because we were waiting for Marina to arrive to her first raisers.

Ya Ogyden!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

All the puppies I've lived with..

Reading all of the posts on the guide dog yahoo group (and being home sick) made me think about all of the dogs I have lived with in my 5 years of raising guide dog puppies..Also, after Dougie & Marina Bethany & I are going to take a break for a while and focus on our pet dogs obedience "careers" & pupysit for a while!

Simon was the 1st puppy I lived with..Oh Simon-the big lug-aka big stud as we now like to refer to him as! He was one challenging pup as he got close to recall-only because of his hormomes and size-but we loved that dog and have loved seeing so much of him in *most* of his puppies that we have raised..


#1..Autumn (FYL)- was the 1st puppy I had a real part in-she was transferred to Bethany & I before being career changed for cataracts.

#2..Emmy (FYL)-the love of my life..Emmy was our 1st Simon puppy, MY 1st guide dog puppy to have from start to finish, my "heart" dog, and both Bethany & I's 1st graduate--of course..

#3..Claudine (FYL)-the polar opposite of sweet, cuddly, 1/2 sister Emmy..Claudi was career changed just before recall for IBS & there was no doubt that Claudi was one of those "only a mother could love" kind of dogs that Bethany & I could never part with! She has turned into the best pet dog ever!

#4..Quebec (FYL)-The sweetest puppy, maybe I had my perfect little Emmy again!? Quebec was CCed at 4 months old for an autoimmune disorder and placed by GDB due to it being in her best interest to not be around multiple dogs..

#5..Dinah (FBL)-My 1st black lab! Dinah was a starter pup that we only had for 3 weeks before a new family in our club was ready for her, but boy is she a sweetheart!! We love our little Dinah and would have been tempted to keep her if the new raisers weren't so excited!

#6..Doug (MYL)-Back to yellow, but a BOY! What was I thinking!? Dougie is about as cute as they come-but DOUG!? What a name..Doug is a starter puppy so we will see how it goes with Mr. dougie dog!

#7..Marina (FYL)-A female yellow lab and niece to Claudine! Marina is a chenille puppy-Claudine's sister and a puppy I have been wanting since she arrived in July to another club member. Marina is a very timid pup that needs some confidence building, so hopefully we can help her get some self confidence before next summer!

Other pups that have lived in our house that Bethany has raised along the way..
Autumn (audi) (Carreer Changed and living with a former co-worker)
Elke ( A working Guide)

Ogden (Phase 10!)
Natara (career changed & living a very spoiled life with family of a co-worker!)

Tandy (just transferred to a great new rasier family)

And many more that have been short timers as eval dogs and puppysitees! :-)

And just for fun..The Day after the love of my life graduated, I went and bought a puppy..A dark yellow female lab-6 weeks old...She turned out to be a fox red lab that is the smartest dog I have ever met that entertains everyone everyday..Miss Sidney hopes she gets to meet Emmy someday :-)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Picture Post and Tandy goodbye (by Bethany)

Ok so to start here are some pictures from the recent Pumpkin Patch outing. For multiple reasons only two puppies, Tandy, and Doug's sister, Deanna were able to make it. But they were quite happy with all the attention to themselves. Here they are at the "fake" Pumpkin Patch. Deanna liked the pumpkin tops so we had to work to get a shot of her without her mouth on the pumpkin:)

Little Deanna...

Tandy and I...

This picture is from a walk Tandy and I took this week to work on distractions and to get some good pictures of her before she leaves for her new raiser tomorrow:(

And this is Doogie!!! (Doug) on our drive home after graduation on Saturday. He was gone 8 days for his vet eval but is back and is doing great. He got a lot taller while he was gone!

And below is a picture of Logger who we met at graduation. He is in Phase 10 of training and is a Simon puppy. Not only is he a Simon puppy but he is pretty much Simon's clone!!! It was one of those, WOW moments to see Logger. It was like going back 5 years to Simon.

And below are picture of Marina. The first is a recent one of her at a hockey game and the second is one of Kim and I holding her right after she arrived to her raisers last summer. She will be coming to us tomorrow as Tandy moves on. It will be bittersweet....

And because I am feeling sentimental about letting Puppy #16 go here is a list of what I love about Tandy.
1) Her spotted ears.
2) The way she always checks with me when someone else tells her to do something.
3) Watching her play with the Jolly Ball.
4) How great she is in her crate at work.
5) How she walks on a loose leash and you almost feel like you are not walking a dog.
6) How much she loves dog beds.
7) How much she loves kids.
8) How she notices everything in a way that always reminds me of a kid seeing something for the first time.
9) How she always looks sad but I can tell when she is happy.
10) Her good people greetings.
11) How hard it is for her to know what I want from her sometimes but how she will repeat the same thing over and over again if she thinks that is what I want.
12) That she is gangly looking and I will never get her confused with any of my other puppies.
13) That she loves me.
I know I am making a good decision for her in the home she is going to and that she will LOVE it there. Sometimes I just wish I remembered before I said yes to taking a new puppy that no matter what age it is always so painful to say goodbye.