Monday, October 27, 2008

We love our Simon puppies....when they are all grown up!

I know, I don't update this very often..I've been waiting to say something really interesting or exciting!:) But, now that a few of you have pointed out my lack of news I decided to write a bit..Natara is finally--I repeat--finally growing on me a bit:) She is learning to stand/lie in one spot for longer than one minute at a time and is TRYING at times to listen..We call it the "Simon stubborness"..all the girls have had it, they have just all had it to varying degrees and well, she has taken it to a new height! She has her mommy's adorable face and really does well on outings so she has potential..She is just a high energy pup with a strong will! Her health issues seem to be getting better so we hope that we will be able to concentrate on her behavior now and turn her in to the "perfect" girl her sisters all are:):)

Claudine was at the emergency vet yesterday with an allergic reaction to lord only knows what-she is our "special" girl that is forsure..Her entire face likes to swell up like a little chipmunk now and then only responding to steroid injections...Yes, she was meant to be our Career Change :)

Bethany called to check on our guide, EMMY yesterday--they just had their first year check up and are doing great! Apparently my girl is TEN POUNDS overweight but otherwise fine! I can't believe he let my baby girl get fat, but I am happy to say that he loves and adores her almost as much as me..

Baby Emmy

We got Simon's breeder photos the other day and Bethany has been trying to get Claudi to pose like her daddy...I'll leave you with that!:)
Daddy SimonDaughter Claudi