Monday, July 5, 2010

Guide Dog Girls...turning into Guide Dog Boys...

So our last two guide dog puppies have been...BOYS..a very strange change in our household!! Doug (or dougie dog) is such a great puppy-aside from his ongoing diarrhea..He is sweet, calm, perfect on outings and great to live with..Doug is currently on campus for a medical eval, but he should be coming home next week..

A few weeks ago we got MYL "Zuni"--he is a Tiburon/Alanis puppy which was very exciting since our CC, Claudine, is an Alanis pup...Mr Z man is a little wild man..He is full of spunk and loves to play with all of the dogs in our house..Zuni is a gorgeous 'Tiburon" red and will no doubt be a beautiful, stocky, boy. (Moxie & Zuni)

CC Claudine and pet dogs Sidney & Moxie aren't too sure what to think of Zuni yet, but he is being co-raised by club member, Ali, so he can be an only dog at her house:-)

One of our old pups, Marina, is going in for recall this week..Marina is an extremely sweet and soft girl who loves her raisers (all 5 of us!) and has many people that will miss her..

Oh and Tandy is in Phase 5!!