Thursday, January 13, 2011

SDV 0010

Sunday, January 9, 2011

WAITING...not my strong suit..

In October we sent Doug off to formal training..At that time we thought a transfer may be the best fit for our 3 dog house..We recieved 4 month old FYL "Vona".. Vona is a very sweet and spirited girl who thought the other dogs were there for her enjoyment! The girls weren't so sure about her and after a trial period we decided Vona may do best as an only dog. She is good with other dogs, we just think she may be able to concentrate and advance further with some one-on-one attention. Last week we transferred her to a single man who is a 1st time raiser in our club! (miss you doug dog)

As we were deciding what to do with miss Vona, we got 2 new puppies in our club-FBL "Bonnie" and MYL "Vino".I am head over heels for mister Vino! He is a calm, cuddly and adorable guy who luckily for me has a very busy raiser so I get to have Vino over often!

So, after Doug being the easiest dog we have ever had and Vino being my new love we decided to request a MYL starter puppy..We were assigned a MYL "L" puppy and we were super excited.

A few days later we heard about the parvo outbreak on campus and learned that we likely would not be getting our "L" boy..As of now the plan is to get a "MYL" starter pup on Jan 29th when they are released from the Oregon Campus..We don't have any details, but I'm anxious to meet him.

On Dec 30th Finesse/Simon had 8 yellow pups (6 boys/2 girls)..We hope that they will all stay healthy and go out to raiser homes in March. We desperately want to raise another Simon puppy, but only time will tell!! (last time we saw Simon-summer 2009)

Doug is still hanging out in phase 3..We wait for news on the doogie dog all the time, but having Vino around helps as he is very similar to Doug!

My pet dog, Sidney, earned one leg toward her CD a few months back, so we have her entered in a competition next month to hopefully complete her CD. She lives to train and we have so much fun training her!

(Sid learning to jump through a tire..CC Claudine waiting for Sidney to do the trick so she can get a treat too!)