Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saying goodbye to 3 puppies in one day...

Today was an emotional day as a puppy raiser..On one hand we got to see one of our puppies (Tandy) graduate and meet her amazing new partner-everything we could have hoped for..

On the other hand we said goodbye to a puppy (Marina) that we shared the raising duties with along with 3 other awesome girls and I think I can safely say 3 of the 5 of us considered running away to Canada with this puppy..Saying goodbye to her as she heads off to in-home training was pretty disappointing, but she looked gorgeous and we can't wait to hear about her new partner..

Finally-yesterday we found out that our boy, Doug, would be headed back to campus today instead of next week. He is back on campus for his ongoing diarhea issues..We were very sad to leave him all alone in a kennel, but we hope he will enter into training or get career changed soon so he isn't alone in a kennel for long..
Doug at 10 weeks..
Doug at 14 months..We still come home home to 3 of our own pet dogs and a foster puppy, yet, we miss our Doogie Dog..The easiest dog we have ever raised--I have had a part in 10 puppies, Bethany 20 puppies and we both can't believe what an incredibly easy dog Doug was to live with for the past 13 months..

Our transfer pup should come in about a month..

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Busy Month!!

We were told in the last few weeks that 2 puppies we helped raise are graduating this month!! Marina is leaving for in home training late next week and Tandy is graduating next Saturday in Boring!


We're very excited about both girls making it and will get to say goodbye to Marina before Tandys graduation!


Doug Dog is leaving us on October 15th as he is ready to go in for training! We are going to miss him SO much-he really is the perfect dog. Whatever he decides to do, we know that someone is going to be very lucky to have him. Our dogs are going to miss him too..

It sounds like we may get a 4 month YLF transfer in November..Right now I am fostering a 12 week old YLF that was brought into our humane society and is an extremely high energy girl-extremely dog distracted and very very mouthy..Luckily she is only here for a week!

Will post photos of our graduates after next weekend!!