Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ogden's Graduation and an Update (by Bethany)

Ok, so along time in coming but Ogden's graduation was fantastic. He remembered us immediately, no pause at all and was in my roommate's lap saying hi to her and trying to get to me. What was interesting was that we had him his first two months and then I had seen him once at a year and he actually got a little more excited to see my roommate and I than he did his finishing raisers. I am guessing maybe because they were more familiar and he had not seen us in awhile? He also sniffed my pants all over and got excited, remembering his doggie roommates I'm sure.

He was a little goofy at times but as soon as his harness came in he was very serious. His new partner is named Michelle and she loved him and said he was the best dog in the class. It makes me feel so good to hear her say that! He was the biggest dog in class, taking after his dad, Simon, but was super easy to control which was really nice.

I loved getting to walk him out onto stage and to see him so happy to see all of his people. Michelle was sweet and wonderful and I know they will do fantastic together.

As for the rest of the pack at home.... Doug is doing great but as soon as we tried to get him off his bland food his diarrhea returned full force. So there is a new course of action on that. Other than that he is doing well, loving going out in public, loving people, and having an adorable wiggle. His head is huge, he is quite a cutey, and I am sure he will get comments on that for a long time to come. He had a photo shoot a few days ago so here are some pics. It's so odd how different their coloring shows up inside versus outside. His ears are kind of silly looking as you can see in a couple of the pictures:)

Marina is off to her co-raiser today. She is a college student and will take her for all of her Christmas Break. We are not sure what is in her future because she has lots of small things to work on that may require more one-on-one from a raiser. However, she has enjoyed going on small outings this past week (she was on "house arrest" for a couple months to help work on her confidence) and is getting better and better at her house behaviors.

Oh and we had Tandy last week for two nights and she was SO excited to be home again!

That's it for now.