Thursday, September 1, 2011

Short term Puppy #14..

4 new pups arrived in our club yesterday..We will be helping with "Vannie" (6/24/11 Sarita/Hurley)..She is 10 weeks old tomorrow and we will be helping with her until her 1st time raisers can take her to school. She's a tiny little girl-seemed a little "soft" compared to the other pups, so it will be interesting to see how she progresses..

Vannie's sister, Valkyrie joined our club as her raisers 1st baby puppy, FYL Sapphire (6/25/11 Pomonoa/Marino) came to her 1st time raiser and Golden Girl Ginger (6/30/11 GEDs Mia/Patrick) came to her long time raisers as their 1st golden!

Vancouver, Lennox and Jodianne were the pups on the truck for recall (we think!)..and there were 2 more "V" pups and 2 more "S" pups headed up north..Super Cute!