Friday, June 26, 2009

Saying goodbye to Little Quebec

A few weeks ago we got to go and say goodbye to Quebec before her adopters came to pick her up!

We had not seen her in over a month and WOW did she change! It was SO good to see her, but she looked so different & was quite the spunky little girl!!

Her face is now long and skinny and she was taller but her legs still looked like little puppy legs (probably from her autoimmune disease). She was really excited to get out and play with us and seemed to remember us.

We were told that she was going to live with a family with 2 kids and hope they will contact us in a few weeks.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Yesterday we picked up Claudi's sister Chenille's puppy 'MARINA' for a raisers/co-workers who was graduating last night and needed us to watch their puppy for the night..'Marina' is a Chenille/Kentucky pup and being Claudi's niece we were in love before we even met her..She is soo cute! She is pretty small and has this adorable underbite!

She is a bit whiny and a little aloof (like her aunty CLAUDI!!) & she REALLY doesn't like her tie down, but all can be forgiven with the cute Claudi face!

Her raisers are starting her until they go away to knows? If she is lucky she just might get to live with her Aunty Claudi until she goes to GDB college!

We found out yesterday that CHAZ is in class to graduate June 27th so we are really excited about that and we leave a week from tomorrow to go visit Claudi's dad, SIMON, in San Rafael!

Our current pup, TANDY, got to walk at highschool graduation last night--pretty cool for a 4 month old pup!:)

Here are some photos of miss Marina..