Monday, August 30, 2010

Updates on our pups..

Doug is doing good...he's the easiest puppy ever!! We have a tenative recall date for October 15th & he is ready! (Along with his sister Deanna)..

Our starter puppy, Dinah, is headed in for training next week & we are looking forward to having 3 puppies in training at the same time!

Miss Marina is moving along in training, currently in Phase 5, while Tandy has spent the last month waiting in Phase 8!

Zuni has been spending most of his time with his co-raiser, Ali, and will be heading to Corvallis with her next month when she goes back to college! He is a gorgeous 4-month old who is confident and spunky!

As of right now our plan is to be puppy-less once Doug leaves! We plan to help with some eval dogs or foster while we wait for SIMON to have another yellow lab female for us to raise ;-)