Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tandy Update:-), from Bethany

So we have not updated on Tandy in awhile! She is doing well, is just over 5 months now and because we are starting a new club in the Portland area (I was leading a club in Salem for 7 years) she has been puppysat a lot.

Unfortunately her one trick to try on puppysitters is getting on their furniture. She NEVER does this at home (although she does stare at the couch longingly when the pet dogs are on it) but has tried it at three puppysitters houses.

She is also teething a lot (we found 6 teeth in two weeks) and probably because of this thinks chewing on her blanket is a fun idea. She is quickly learning this is NOT a good idea:)

Tandy has been fantastic in public lately. Today we went to Coastal and I had her walk beside a cart for the first time. She was calm and confident, everything you want in a guide dog! She also went to a four hour college class with a puppysitter recently and did great.

She is also on pills to help with frequent urinating and they seem to be making a big difference.

Here is a not so recent picture of her...

And just for fun here is often puppysat, Marina (Claudi's niece). She has a major underbite that Guide Dogs is monitoring and here are the pictures we sent to them to show to a specialist. Pretty huh? It actually makes her look really adorable, until you open her mouth that is!


Sarah and the Pack. said...

Paris, my 5 month old girl, also likes to try out new things at sitter's houses that she never does at home. Naughty, naughty pups!

Will GDB cc a pup for a major underbite, or is there a surgery to correct it?

Kim, Bethany and the girls.. said...

No, they will not career change her (I asked) but will more than likely be pulling teeth to help with her bite at least a little bit.


heidi said...

I hadn't noticed her under-bite before... she's still EXTRA cute