Friday, September 4, 2009

Ogden and Meredith

I'm on my laptop so no pictures in this post but we have some Simon puppy updates!

Ogden (who I started) is in Phase 8 of training for the second week!!! I'm so proud of him and so hope he becomes a guide (that is if he wants to of course).

And Meredith, a Simon/Cagney puppy raised by a good friend of ours and puppysat by us a few times, is officially.... a BREEDER!!!

We want to start one of her puppies if possible! Meredith is a gorgeous and big (65 lbs) female black Lab.

I have also heard that Fame (Simon/Loma), a cross of Simon's, is on breeder eval. And his brother, Furley, who we babysat a few days after his arrival for 5 days, is in class. He is going to be a fantastic guide dog.

Simon now has multiple daughters that are breeders. They include Chenille (Simon/Alanis), who is Claudi's sister and often mentioned Marina's mom, Rose (Simon/Hibiscus), Meredith, and possibly Fame.

And on other news, Tandy Andy is doing better and better. She was having some diarrhea and relieving issues in the house but the switch of foods and a course of antibiotics seems to have helped this.

Claudi however is fighting ongoing IBS issues. She usually has at least 2 days per week of having issues. We are considering a specialist. Has anyone ever seen a specialist for something like this?



Anna, Avani, and April said...

Go Meredith! Yay!

I'm so sorry about Tandy....I hope she recovers ALL the way, soon!

And I'm so happy about Furley! Can't wait to see him at graduation :)

Alison said...

Meredith Update:
Meredith has been bred! I'll follow up with news as to due date and stud dog. She is coming home today. Both she and our other breeder, Marikay came into season at the same time!
Alison, Breeder Keeper