Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Marina's pretty face...


Reddunappy said...

Hi again! She is a pretty dog!

Well Dublin is off the med for 48 hours and the soft stools are back, and the urgent need to go, we will see how he does tonight.

Have you heard anything about Dougie yet? I would assume their problem is similar, I want to change Dublins food, and try regular Sci Diet puppy, first before going to another brand. Our last puppy Luxor had digestive issues with the Large breed to, but he was throwing up, untill we put him on regular.

I sure hope we can figure this out, Dublin is a good minded little guy, it would be a shame to have him career change because he cant tolerate the food. (((sigh)))

I am working with my club leader and Michelle on Dublin too.

Kim, Bethany and the girls.. said...
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