Monday, January 18, 2010

It's been a while..

We haven't been very good at updates lately!! It seems like a lot has been going on though! Let's see..We found out that Simon has been bred 3 times recently..Yay for more Simon puppies!!..

We received "Dax" a MYL in our club at the beginning of January-he is a Bruna/Atrus puppy..Bruna was raised in our former club in Salem & Atrus is the 1/2 brother to our Emmy, so we were very excited to meet Dax, and boy is he cuuute!!

Sadly, Bethany's 11 year old golden retreiver, Fizz, passed away last week so our house feels a little empty with 1 less dog..Strangely enough, we have been planning to get a new puppy from my pet dogs parents and she was born the same day Fizz left us..So, in 6 weeks little fox red female yellow lab will be joining our pack..

(one of the dark ones is ours!)

Today we transferred little miss Marina to her new raiser, Kristy, in Salem..Marina is an amazing puppy who really needs some 1-on-1 attention and Kristy is really looking forward to spoiling our girl..We are really happy she will only be 45 minutes away and we will still be able to see her..

Little Dougie dog is doing really well. He is growing fast and is such a nice dog. He fits in well in our house & is a calm, sweet, big, boy that we love!


Reddunappy said...

Dougie and Dublin look so much alike! Dublin is doing well too, except for crooked teeth. Waiting to hear from Dr. Patti on that.

Kaitlyn said...

Hi there!

I am a friend of Kristy and found your blog through hers. I have recently adopted a Simon puppy, Gatsby and I LOVE him. If you want to know more go ahead and email me at
Hope to hear from you!
Kaitlyn & Gatsby