Monday, May 24, 2010

Doug Dog!

A typical night at our house..
Doug is 10 months old now and such a good boy! I really haven't posted anything lately because he is just so easy and good that there hasn't been much to say!!

He is at a puppysitter this week while I watch 4 month old Spreckles (Tiburon/Raffle) and Bethany has our old starter pup Dinah! Both are really nice, fairly soft girls..

We are getting a MYL starter puppy in June-he will probably stay for 6-8 weeks and then be transferred to another raiser in our club..I am getting anxious to find out litter details!

Here are some recent photos of the Dougie Dog!


Reddunappy said...

Doug looks so much like Dublin :0)
Dublin also is so easy, a very good pup. I have heard rumor that Dublin will be recalled in Oct., so a few more months yet, I will miss him, he is my bud. But I think he will make a really good guide.

Lauren and Don said...

Those are such cute pictures! Doug is one handsome pup. How is Dinah doing? I'm raising Dinah's brother, Don.