Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lowell..Claudi (CC).

Today was labrador playday at our work..We have breed specific playdays every Saturday and have "lab day" every 2-3 months since the labs come out in dozens! Today was probably our slowest playday to date with around 25 labs/lab mixes..

We invite all the CCs in the area as well and have so much fun/keep so busy watching them play..Our CC Claudine loves playday as well as our co-worker's CC, Riley..(they think they are king/queen of the playday)..

Here are some photos of Claudine and Riley..I think 5 other CCs were there today as well (Bonnie, Cooper, Lucy, Bordeaux, Mort).



We carried Lowell through the room to let some friends see him-all 26 pounds of him..He's getting too big for me to carry-it's so sad!

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