Sunday, May 1, 2011

Goodbye and We love you Doug Dog!

Last Wednesday we went out to campus to say goodbye to Doug..He is leaving tomorrow to do his in home training with his new partner in Idaho..

Doug was very happy to see us and looked just the same-except a little fatter-as he did almost 7 months ago when we dropped him off. He still had the same confused and worried look on his face, and wagged his tail non-stop.

We can't wait to hear from his new partner and hope that he/she loves him as much as we do. He has been in foster care his entire time he has been in training, so no doubt his foster family will be missing him too-he's just a wonderful dog.

Some photos from our goodbye..


Reddunappy said...

OH!!! Many happy trails Dougie!!!!
He is the only one of Dublins litter that I was able to keep track of!
I hope he has a wonderful life as a helper dog!!

Kim, Bethany and the girls.. said...

Deanna also graduated last month! ;-) Kim

Shelly :) said...

Congrats to Doug and his new partner! :)