Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lowell, Kelsa and Simon..

Last week we puppysat Kelsa for the week..She is an incredibly sweet 8 month old girl. I very much enjoyed having her hang out for the week. She is a reluctant reliever so was actually a good fit to hang out at home with me:) She's very mellow and all of our dogs liked her-which is rare as my pet dog is a bit of a dog snob!

Lowell had 2 puppysitters last week and seems to have found his inner BRAT while away..He's been VERY demanding of attention and wanting to annoy the other dogs since he came home..Maybe he missed them!?

Lowe went to graduation yesterday and continues to be scared of clapping..Such a laid back, goofy guy-we apparently need to clap more..

I've been thinking alot lately that I really want another CC Simon puppy..We don't have many Simon pups in our area, but if anyone knows one in need of a home-I'm interested!..Unlikely scenario, but one can hope!

Yesterday I took Claudi to help me work an event for Oregon Dog Rescue..She won the costume contest wearing a vikings t-shirt and purple tu-tu..Alot of people commented on how calm and good she was-she's a pretty good ambassador for GDB :)

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