Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Claudi's life as a CC

I know, this blog is mostly to track Natara's life with us, but she is away with Stef and Bethany for a few days and so I thought I would write about miss Claudi..
(The house feels empty with only 4 dogs and 1 person!)

She was CCed last week for some health issues (we saw this coming for some time) and boy is she living the life!

Yesterday we went to my work (dog daycare) and played all day long with dog friends and then her "boyfriend", Owen came home to stay with us for a week...

Today-back to daycare for a 6 hour play date with many many boyfriends-including MYL CC Riley (Astro/Daria)..

Tonight...a visit from my parents (oh you should see the whole body wiggles and hear the sounds!!) and then some playtime with before mentioned boyfriend Owen and 8 month old lab sister Sidney!

Then bedtime on my bed--with her head on the pillow and all...It's rough to be a newly CCed girl--with 10 new PINK collars, but it suits Claudi very well!!
Claudi says it is time for her dinner!:)


Emily and Suede said...

It looks like the CC life is treating her very well!! She's adorable :)

The Puppy Raising Roller Coaster said...

I love that last picture! Wren says that being CC'd is awesome! She has been a CC'd dog for 4 years now and it just keeps getting better!

Brittany said...

Patriot and Hobbs aggree that being CC'd is the best thing in the world!!

Claudine sounds like she is living it up, and it will only get better!