Thursday, April 16, 2009

Natara is in her forever home..Tandy is here..and we miss Quebecy..

Natara & Quebec

Well, once again I have been bad at updates!

Natara was CCed a few days after little miss Q..Natara for distration issues..We were able to place Tara in an AWESOME home not too far from us with a mother and her 3 kids. They had been secretly hopeing to get Tara for a while and have already brought her in to play at daycare where we work..she is SOO happy and spoiled and looks GORGEOUS in her many many pink collars!!

Last Saturday we picked up puppy #5 (for me) and #15 (for Bethany)..Tiburon/Geraldine pup, Tandy..She is 10 weeks old and a very sweet girl..She seems fairly low energy and likes to cuddle with people and dogs..I was very sad to see that she is a very light yellow as I had expected a DARK Tiburon pup, but she is a sweetie and seems to fit in nicely..

Quebecy is still waiting for her forever placement..We miss her very much..

Claudine's sister had puppies this week!! 7 of them! We can't wait to see/hear about them in a few months! We really really want to raise one, but who knows where we will be in the world of puppy raising by then????

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Madison and Andros said...

Sorry about all of your COC's. Your new pup is adorable!