Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lowe and Vannie

Lowe dog is almost 10 months now and headed for surgery tomorrow because he has OCD in both shoulders..Poor guy..He has been limping less lately, but we're all looking at 6+ weeks of "resting" that will be interesting!
Luckily, he will get to go to a puppysitter with no other dogs for 2 weeks..Before she gets her 1st puppy-a FYL "C" puppy..

(Lowe and my pet dog, Sidney)

Vannie is going to her new raiser (in our club) on Halloween...The raiser raised Doug's sister, Deanna, and currently has FYL Karma..She loves Vannie already and I think it will work great-she's a spitfire of a puppy!


I am having puppy fever (like every few months!)..I need a little red or yellow female pup to foster/raise or keep....Decisions..Decisions..

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