Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I have not been posting for awhile..been busy starting my own rescue and I have decided not to raise again for GDB..My roommate is still going to raise, but after Lowell returns to campus I will be done.

(A friend's dog, Lowell and CC Claudine)

Lowell is now a year old and just a big, dumb, goofball. He's 75+ pounds of uncoordinated lab. We love him, but he sure is goofy.

Zuni-a starter puppy we had is in class to graduate. Zuni is half sibling to our career change and is the dark red color that I love. Our friend, Ali, raised him most of his time and is so excited for her 2nd dog to graduate....Funny that we will have 6 graduates now, 4 CCs, 1 in phase 8 and 3 still with raisers..

(Tabetha (new mommy for GDB), and Zuni the soon-to-be graduate!)

If only our first graduate would decide to come home-life would be good:) My story about miss Emmy is going to be published in "Dog World" magazine in the next few months and was on the Guide Dog Blog a few weeks ago..She's pretty special!

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