Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lowell made a decision

Lowell decided to stay with me and be a spoiled pet dog..Lowell will be officially CCed for relieving-or shall I say inappropriate relieving!?..Lowell has had a few too many incidents of relieving at inappropriate times in the past few months, so I guess he was telling us he wasn't meant to be a guide..

I had concerns about his drooling (anytime any kind of food is in his area/ear-shot etc!), he's a bit distracted by dogs or the sound of dogs and well, he can be a little sloooow..However, I adore him. Big head, drooling,"slowness" and all..

I know my co-raiser is very sad that he will not be a guide for someone, but I think he will be just as happy staying with us...He is quite fond of cushy dog beds (including the futon just his size), he looooves food and he loves other dogs..I think he will acclimate just fine to pet-dog life! I hope to show him in obedience, but if he doesn't like obedience, he would be a wonderful therapy dog.

So, our raising time is over for now..We still have 2 pups that we started in training or in a raiser home, so technically Lowell isn't the end, but I'm happy with having 2 of our puppies staying home with me, 4 working as guides and many living in great homes in Portland as spoiled pets! I didn't get to keep my Emmy, but I now have 2 pieces of her with her half-sister and half-brother..

Our complete house!!

                                Thank you daddy Simon for giving me such awesome dogs!!

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Carrie's Raiser said...

Thank you daddy Simon for giving me such an awesome dog as well! Good luck in pet life Lowell!