Monday, March 12, 2012

Playing catch up..

It is really not as interesting to blog when you only have one (very dopey) guide dog puppy.. Lowell is 14 months old and still trying to comprehend that he is not the size of a chihuahua. He and his half-sister, Claudi, play like crazy lately and he's even won over my pet dog, Sidney..

Lowell has plans to return to campus on May 12th (not cool for my last puppy to be going back on my birthday big guy!)..The house will certainly feel very empty without our big goofball.  He's made alot of friends along the way and is going to be a very nice dog when he matures a bit!

Our starter pup, Zuni, was CCed after being in phase 8 for months..Apparently he didn't see why he couldn't pull *really* hard in harness...I was a little disappointed that his finishing raiser adopted him--he would have fit in well with my girls. He's a sweet dog and seems to be LOVING being a CC.

One of my favorite puppies to ever be in the club, Vino, was CCed last week for allergies..His raisers kept him (they had raised his mom)-I hope I get to see him..OUR CC (Claudine) is going to be 5 next month--I can't believe how time flies..Luckily, she acts like she is 2--she even ate a set of drink coasters a few weeks ago just to keep us on our toes!

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