Thursday, November 5, 2009

All the puppies I've lived with..

Reading all of the posts on the guide dog yahoo group (and being home sick) made me think about all of the dogs I have lived with in my 5 years of raising guide dog puppies..Also, after Dougie & Marina Bethany & I are going to take a break for a while and focus on our pet dogs obedience "careers" & pupysit for a while!

Simon was the 1st puppy I lived with..Oh Simon-the big lug-aka big stud as we now like to refer to him as! He was one challenging pup as he got close to recall-only because of his hormomes and size-but we loved that dog and have loved seeing so much of him in *most* of his puppies that we have raised..


#1..Autumn (FYL)- was the 1st puppy I had a real part in-she was transferred to Bethany & I before being career changed for cataracts.

#2..Emmy (FYL)-the love of my life..Emmy was our 1st Simon puppy, MY 1st guide dog puppy to have from start to finish, my "heart" dog, and both Bethany & I's 1st graduate--of course..

#3..Claudine (FYL)-the polar opposite of sweet, cuddly, 1/2 sister Emmy..Claudi was career changed just before recall for IBS & there was no doubt that Claudi was one of those "only a mother could love" kind of dogs that Bethany & I could never part with! She has turned into the best pet dog ever!

#4..Quebec (FYL)-The sweetest puppy, maybe I had my perfect little Emmy again!? Quebec was CCed at 4 months old for an autoimmune disorder and placed by GDB due to it being in her best interest to not be around multiple dogs..

#5..Dinah (FBL)-My 1st black lab! Dinah was a starter pup that we only had for 3 weeks before a new family in our club was ready for her, but boy is she a sweetheart!! We love our little Dinah and would have been tempted to keep her if the new raisers weren't so excited!

#6..Doug (MYL)-Back to yellow, but a BOY! What was I thinking!? Dougie is about as cute as they come-but DOUG!? What a name..Doug is a starter puppy so we will see how it goes with Mr. dougie dog!

#7..Marina (FYL)-A female yellow lab and niece to Claudine! Marina is a chenille puppy-Claudine's sister and a puppy I have been wanting since she arrived in July to another club member. Marina is a very timid pup that needs some confidence building, so hopefully we can help her get some self confidence before next summer!

Other pups that have lived in our house that Bethany has raised along the way..
Autumn (audi) (Carreer Changed and living with a former co-worker)
Elke ( A working Guide)

Ogden (Phase 10!)
Natara (career changed & living a very spoiled life with family of a co-worker!)

Tandy (just transferred to a great new rasier family)

And many more that have been short timers as eval dogs and puppysitees! :-)

And just for fun..The Day after the love of my life graduated, I went and bought a puppy..A dark yellow female lab-6 weeks old...She turned out to be a fox red lab that is the smartest dog I have ever met that entertains everyone everyday..Miss Sidney hopes she gets to meet Emmy someday :-)

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heidi said...

Time warp! Seems like just yesterday that you had big-head Simon. Where has the time gone?!

The way you feel about Emmy is how I feel about Mar.

It seems like you've had a ton more guide dog puppies but I must be thinking of all the puppy-sitting you girls do. Plus you know how my brain works (as in it doesn't).