Friday, November 20, 2009

News from Emmy Girl..

We got a phone call from Emmy last night!! Well, from Tim, Emmy's person! It is always very exciting to hear from them & know that she is so loved. They recently had their 2 year visit from Guide Dogs and it went well-they will have been together 2 years in December. I'm pretty sure it was just yesterday though..

It sounds like Emmy encounters alot of random dogs where they live and has gotten pretty protective of Tim, which I have a hard time visualizing, but I just want them to be safe! She is still working well and Tim sounded good.
Tim mentioned to Bethany that he plans to keep his promise and return Emmy to us when she can no longer guide..While this is what I have been waiting for every single day since she was recalled 2.5 years ago, if the day comes I will be heartbroken for Tim & Emmy to be apart..We will just hope for that time to be many years from now..

I miss my little monkey,but it makes me feel better to know how much Tim loves her..Take care of our girl if you are reading Tim!!


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