Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crazy puppies

I finally got a photo taken of Vona--she is quite the energetic girl so photos ops are few and far between!!

She is a sweet girl who is trying to adjust to a busy house with 3 other dogs. She is a cute little 26 pounds and LOVES to chew on her bones.

On Saturday I got a new temporary foster puppy--a 6 yr old boy is getting a "wish" from Make-A-Wish and his wish....a female yellow lab puppy...the only issue is the family can't take her for a few weeks...The Humane Society that i volunteer for just got a litter of 8 wk old yellow lab puppies in, so I volunteered to take her for a little while...(Our house is set up so I can have occasional foster puppies in one side and GDB pups in the other part of the house)..Little foster puppy is a CRAZY, screaming, energizer bunny! Sadly, she may not work out for the little boy-we are evaluating her tomorrow..

All these crazy yellow lab girls...it's a good thing they are cute :-)

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Anna said...

OH MY! She does look tons like Lynn. Vancouver (4 days younger than Pravada) is tiny compared to big girl, Pravada! He's such a baby and has the sweetest face that he got from his mommy--he has the wide David ribcage though!