Sunday, November 7, 2010

Missing Doug, Welcome Vona...Waiting for Simon..

Doug has been on campus for exactly a month now and he is still waiting in phase 0...Not unexpected since he went in on an eval then got put into a string, but a little movement would be nice...I miss that goofy guy and so do my dogs..

Last Monday we got a new transfer-5 month old FYL Vona--she is a David/Zante pup and a petite 26 pounds..We only had her for one evening though before we had to send her to a puppysitter due to our house being full of dogsitting dogs..We are looking forward to getting her back tomorrow and getting to know her..

A few weeks ago we heard that Simon was bred to Finesse..We can not wait to hear any news on this..We REALLY want another Simon puppy..We have raised Simon, 4 of his puppies and co-raised a grand puppy..He is an awesome dog and we really really want another FYL Simon girl!

2 pups in our club are leaving next week for training, Dax & Doug's sister, Deanna...We hope to get a few December puppies in the club so we aren't missing all of our dogs!


Reddunappy said...

Well we got the news that Dublin was career changed today. For relieving on outings, urinating. He never had this problem as a puppy??? so I dont know what caused him to do it in training. Maybe the stress of the training regimine???
Yes we are taking him back as a pet, he is a great dog.
I hope Dougie makes it!!!

Megan, Paris, Picassa & Snickers said...

Moseley is in class to graduate on the 20th. We are all very excited for him and his raiser he was a stellar dog.