Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dinah, puppies and waiting..

Our starter female black lab, Dinah, (Bosworth/Gail) is set to graduate Dec 4th at the Oregon Campus..This makes 3 graduations in 3 months-we can't believe how well everyone in our club has been doing lately!!

Doug dog in in phase 2..We miss him very much..His sister, Deanna, joined him on campus this month, but is on breeder eval..We also had Dax (Bruna/Atrus) return for training this month from our club.

Our club will be getting 2 puppies on Dec 11th-a FBL (dylan/courtney) "B" girl and a MYLGX "V" boy..We can't wait to meet them!

We heard yesterday that Finese (the female Simon was bred to) is having 6-8 pups and due on 12/29..We CANNOT WAIT to hear when these pups are born..We are just sooo wanting another yellow Simon pup!!

Vona is settling in with us..She is an extremely bouncy, wiggly girl with a little stubborn side to her-she is learning the rules of our multi-dog household and is wonderful on outings. She is off to a puppysitter today who raised her 1/2 sister.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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