Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Change of Plans!

Zuni was taken out of class last week and is being evaluated by the training department..No matter what Zuni decides to do, his 2nd raiser would be happy to keep him or see him working!

Last week we got some really sad news that our very loved Guide, Marina, was retired due to her person passing away froom cancer..She had been working for 14 months and the woman's husband will be keeping her...Marina was raised by myself, 3 co-workers and another friend..She had ALOT of love from all 4 of her homes and 3 of us would have been in line to keep her...Many people know her brother, Marino, who has sired quite a few litters now..

We also got news that our former puppy, Vona, was CCed in phase 8 due to a soft trachea! Vona also had 4 homes and is going to live with her 3rd raiser who adored her..We had a disappointing week I guess, but I personally am very happy for Vona and am confident that Marina will love being a spoiled pet.

We heard that Jethro is on the February recall...Time sure goes fast..I am hopeing to puppysit one of my favorite dogs ever, Vino, before he is also recalled in February, but we will see if it works out...

Nothing is new for Lowell..He's our big, sweet, boy...I bought a very nice, expensive, dog bed from my work for my pet dog a few weeks ago and Lowell has taken up residence in it...He's pretty sure he needs a cushy dog bed at all times..

I have no new photos of our guide dog puppies, but I am getting a 10 week old red lab mix puppy into my rescue that is way too cute..

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