Sunday, August 30, 2009

Male Yellow Lab..

So I decided to get a MALE yellow lab next a starter pup..See, I was fostering this ADORABLE chocolate boy puppy last week & decided I wanted to try a boy starter :-) Bethany had Ogden who is in Phase 8 right now, but he didn't have a big enough personality to fit in with our all girl household so we will see how the next MYL does..
Now, if only we could get litter details!!! I have some picked out that I would really like him to be from, but for now we WAIT...I am so impatient! We also have a 1st time raiser in our club getting a puppy and she can barely stand the waiting!

For now, I'll leave you with a photo of my foster pup who went to his new home today!!..Tandy will be happy that she can come home now :-)

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Elizabeth and Peyton said...

Yay for a male! I had two girls in a row and I was SO ready for a boy. And little Peyton has been awesome for me. :)