Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dinah & Marina for the weekend..

I have to say I have finally found TWO GDB pups I totally adore!! And....neither of them are mine to keep!! Dinah will be transferred to a family in our new club ( & Marina is being raised by 2 college girls in our club who also adore her!!

Dinah is 3 months old & Marina is almost 4 months and they are just the sweetest, greatest pups! They both have superb house manners, play wonderfully with the other dogs, love people etc..Oh and the wiggle on Marina--the cutest thing ever!!!

Last night we let them play in the kiddie pool with my pet dog, Sidney. Sid was not so impressed that they were invading HER pool, but the photo op was just too much to pass up! Check out the 3 colors--so cute!!!


Elizabeth and Peyton said...

Those pool pictures are too cute! I'm glad you're enjoying the girls while you have them.

Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

So cute! Cabana is a Bosworth puppy, like Dinah. I went to about 6 different stores looking for a kiddie pool like that, couldn't find one anywhere. I guess it's too late in the summer.

heidi said...

OMG... so adorable. I need to see Marina again soon. It's been a while.